Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair - a British PM destroyed by a US President

OK, so to say that Blair's been "destroyed" may be just a tiny bit over the top. Let's not forget that this is the guy who has won three elections, and who has already had nine years as PM. All before the age of 55.

Problem is, though, that he won't be remembered for that.

He'll be remembered for his need to see himself as Bush's best buddy - and the reckless foreign policies that he was forced into pursuing as a result of this. Particularly in the Middle East.

He's like one of those children who just have to be friends with the biggest bully in the playground.

That's Blair through and through. Because of it, he'll be remembered as the Prime Minister who took the UK into the Iraq on a false prospectus, and then stood by the US line on Israel's outrageous attacks on Lebanese children - and, as a result, made his country infinitely more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

What's more, the dissembling, the spin, the plain lying have all been exposed. So he'll be remembered not for his successes (and there have been successes - particularly in N Ireland, and the overall UK economy), but for two things: Iraq, and spin..

And, of course, most of the worst of the spin was deployed in the service of the policies on Iraq. Dr David Kelly, anyone?

One just wonders whether the Blair legacy would have turned out differently had the neo-cons not taken over the White House. I suspect he'd be in a far happier place now had that been the case.


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